America’s New Boom Towns: Can Phoenix Handle the Surge?

Welcome to America’s new boom towns — cities across the U.S. and Texas that are estimated to experience unparalleled growth by the year 2100. From the Phoenix metro area to the Texas cities, these cities have seen influxes of people looking to call these boom towns home. But with this explosion in population comes several potential problems, like extended suburban sprawl, overloaded schools and hospitals and huge increases in cars on the road. Can Phoenix handle all this growth without any hiccups?

Based on current migration trends, moveBuddha predicted that by the year 2100 Phoenix will be one of the country’s most populous cities. moveBuddha analyzed the statistics behind these recent population surges in American metropolitan areas and applied the data to everyday life to see what it would actually look like in the year 2100 if the population boom keeps growing at today’s rate.

moveBuddha researched these specific factors that would impact American home movers and the people currently residing in these metropolitan areas: number of schools, hospital beds, drivers on the road and the number of households needed to be built. These were chosen because they are key quality-of-life factors that every home mover should consider before choosing a new place to call home.

“Moving home is no small task, especially when moving across the country. We analyzed the cities that are projected to have huge population growth in the next 77 years to find what that actually means in terms of urban sprawl, the local hospitals, the number of houses needed, the local school system, and the number of drivers that will be on the road. With over 400,000 people utilizing the moveBuddha website to plan their moves, we have deep insight into the most popular places people are moving to and from,” said moveBuddha co-founder Ryan Carrigan.

Boom towns: Phoenix-Mesa-Chandler

The Phoenix metropolitan area will need 6,657,464 more households to accommodate the 2100 population to keep the same people-to-household ratio as it was in 2021. Compare that to the fact that there were 1,863,195 households in the area in total in 2021.

1,526 more square miles will be needed in the Phoenix metropolitan area in order to accommodate the growth of the city to the year 2100.

20,348 more hospital beds will be needed to accommodate the new population. 

7,225 total schools accommodate the new population. 

17,765,818 total drivers will be on the road in the Phoenix metropolitan area in the year 2100.

Country-wide Boom Towns

Discover the real-life implications on housing, urban sprawl and roads in American cities projected to explode in population growth by the year 2100. 

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