Need for Speed: Apartment Renters Prioritize Digital Amenities

An internet connection was once considered a luxury item. Today, we think of it as a basic utility like electricity, gas, and water. In the last few years, the demand for internet connectivity has changed substantially, requiring the technologies that deliver the internet to our residences to evolve alongside this rapidly increasing need.

Widespread remote work has amplified internet usage, with data-hungry professional functions like virtual meetings and file transfers requiring faster and faster speeds. People also need speedy, reliable internet to power personal uses like streaming video, playing games and controlling smart home devices.

According to Jeff Johnson, director of consumer sales for the West Region at Quantum Fiber, there are three key features that every multifamily property needs for a quality internet amenity that meets modern needs today and in the future. Getting the key infrastructure to support it is crucial.

The Connectivity Trifecta

Speed, WiFi connection and reliability are the three essential elements of a quality internet connection, according to Johnson. Speed is a top priority, but WiFi and reliability are important features as well. As Johnson points out, WiFi is the primary source of connection to most people today, as few people hardwire devices.

Reliability, on the other hand, is necessary to ensure a seamless experience. There can’t be dead zones, for example, anywhere inside the unit or beyond. “When a resident is moving in, they expect fast internet speeds, and they want it instantly,” says Johnson. “I think that’s why we are a top choice because we have instant WiFi activation solutions available.”

Quality internet extends beyond the individual unit, as well. Multifamily operators need seamless connectivity to maintain the same quality experience while tenants are in a lounge area or by the pool. Many new, luxury amenities—golf simulators, smart features, connected fitness centers—are powered and operated through the internet. “You can choose to get ubiquitous coverage. From the minute you pull into that parking ramp, you’re connected anywhere you go in that property,” says Johnson.

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