Scottsdale breaks top 10 for highest one-bedroom rent prices

According to a new report published by Zumper, Scottsdale rounded out the top 10 for the highest one-bedroom median prices for February 2022. Scottsdale’s median rent came in at $1,950. Several other Arizona cities made the overall list, including Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, and Glendale.

Scottsdale was the only Arizona city to break the top 10. However, five California cities were among the top 10, including San Francisco taking the number two spot on the list. San Francisco totaled a median price of $2,930 for a one-bedroom apartment. Taking the top spot was New York City, breaking the $3,000 threshold.

Zumper’s National Index for a median one-bedroom rent posted an all-time high in February. According to Zumper, Phoenix is seeing as much as 30% year-over-year rent growth, among the highest in the nation. Chandler and Phoenix were among the top five risers for one-bedroom rent, according to Zumper. Chandler posted a median rent price of just over $1,600, and Phoenix posted over $1,200. To read the full report, visit

In a previous story by the Associated Press, eviction filings in Maricopa County reached the highest level in nearly two years. January recorded more than 5,000 eviction filings, the first time since February 2020. Maricopa County announced $39 million in emergency rental assistance, which can be used to pay rent and utilities. For more information on how to apply for assistance, visit The list of median prices for one and two-bedroom apartments is below

Average one-bedroom prices among Arizona cities:

  1. Scottsdale: $1,950
  2. Chandler: $1,610
  3. Gilbert: $1,560
  4. Mesa: $1,230
  5. Phoenix: $1,220
  6. Glendale: $1,200
  7. Tucson: $880

Average two-bedroom prices among Arizona cities:

  1. Scottsdale: $2,530
  2. Gilbert: $1,830
  3. Chandler: $1,790
  4. Mesa: $1,550
  5. Phoenix: $1,530
  6. Glendale: $1,480
  7. Tucson: $1,200

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