Servicing Clients to Create Successful Communities

Calculated Strategies that Lease and Sell Real Estate and Shape Neighborhoods


Articulating a Powerful Dialogue

Our devoted team and  vendor partners all with expertise in traditional and online media strategies, PR and event planning, offer strategic solutions to connect people with homes. Compelling conversations are initiated and sustained through a variety of mediums. Coordinating these vendors under our project management umbrella allows us to engage and identity opportunities at early stages of planning, ensuring a consistent message and brand identity is maintained. Results-driven reporting keeps you abreast of campaign evolution.


Our partner media team helps you find your target audience and speak to them at the right place and time using traditional to digital channels. Full media services include research, media planning, buying, and reporting. Assessment of project needs, the latest media trends and the habits of the target audience is completed to develop a strategic media campaign. 


Our partner PR and  event planning team converts the project’s narrative into experiential form. We ensure events are meticulously designed and managed to engage homebuyers, realtors and media. Key components to a project’s lifecycle include media previews, Presentation Centre launch, and ground-breaking ceremonies. It is crucial to a campaign’s success to create a memorable experience. 

Our Communication

 REIM works in collaboration with teams throughout the development lifecycle, while also working on public relations, social media and event planning for the Development Industry. If your requirements are limited to assistance with a public relations or social media campaign for your company, rather than a project, we can provide you with that specific expertise.