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Customer Care

Reinforcing a Positive Experience

Recognizing our role as a developer representative, every element of the customer care process is executed with a high degree of dignity, respect and professionalism. Our Customer Care Team is considerate of requests and invites feedback, striving to answer any questions or concerns to give buyers/tenants peace-of-mind. From completing and executing contracts,  to managing and coordinating amendments,  to communicating construction timelines, we create an environment that will make the tenant/homeowner feel informed and comfortable with their choice. 


Acknowledging the value of tenant/ homeowner feedback, we encourage the two-way flow of information with each interaction. Every point of contact is a positive experience, with timely and effective customer communication throughout the process. Our approach is empathetic and caring as we speak of the owner’s  brand in the highest regard. 


A successful transaction relies on professionalism and efficiency. REIM works together to streamline the process, crafting a smooth experience for all parties. Documents are prepared with accuracy, due diligence is carried out with precision and our demeanor is always confident, upbeat and friendly. 


Our team engages innovative systems for contract management, eliminating the need for paper and making the process sustainable and convenient for all parties. Ensuring contracts and correspondence are accurate, complete and properly executed is critical, particularly in an ever-changing market – our team is always on-point. Intensive and detailed reporting is also conducted with clarity and timeliness.

Defining Better Customer Care

To better comprehend the importance of crafting a positive experience, we can explain the merits of our personalized Customer Care phase and how it will elevate your project to success. This final segment of the development life cycle is an essential element in leaving a lasting impression.