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Project Marketing

Building a Project’s Legacy

REIM specializes in leveraging the synergy between sales and marketing to produce a tailored and innovative strategy for each real estate project. Our team collaborates to produce strategies that are detailed, proactive, clever and creative. It is crucial to build key messages that are true to your project brand, while championing who you are as a developer/owner. Following a product’s launch, detailed metrics and reporting throughout the campaign keep clients informed and ensure alignment, while placing out client’s objectives and brand identity first.


We capture the essence of a project and the spirit of a neighborhood in the creation of a cohesive brand. Beyond high design and communications, we develop a powerful narrative and marketing toolset to present a consistent identity – an identity that supports our sales teams and provides homebuyers with straightforward information they can connect with. 


The experience the REIM team has collectively brought to market has led to a deep understanding of what is required for a successful marketing execution. A strategy is choreographed with input from our marketing communications, sales teams and media buyers to ensure the brand narrative is flawlessly conveyed to the market. The immeasurable details making up each campaign are successfully managed on time and on budget. 


Using the newly shaped brand identity and positioning approach, we formulate an eloquent and logical strategy to best introduce your project to the market. In collaboration with REIM and our vendor partners, a layered blueprint outlines timing, target market, media buying strategies and the marketing program as it pertains to prospecting and launching the leasing/sales program. 

Understanding Project Marketing

With a tailored project marketing strategy, your development will realize success. Our team can guide you through the project marketing process to help you comprehend the Branding and Positioning, Launch Strategy, and Marketing Execution phases, and how they will pertain to your individual project.