Servicing Clients to Create Successful Communities

Calculated Strategies that Lease and Sell Real Estate and Shape Neighborhoods


Advancing Your Success

REIM is Arizona’s go to experts for full project development life cycle marketing. Our highly-specialized team formulates a clear and logical sales or rental lease-up strategy based on an in-depth understanding of REIM Advisory’s pricing analysis, communications’ messaging, the product offering, and the marketing campaign. Using strategic sales techniques and extensive product training, our intention is to speak to the target market and provide information, champion relationships, and tirelessly engage in follow-ups, resulting in high yield results. We take great pride in meeting with client objectives and exceeding expectations, while nurturing the elevated caliber of our sales team.


Our sales strategies are uniquely tailored for every client and market, leveraging our relationships and experience. They are detailed, yet adaptive, and we know exactly what to execute when to maximize results. Employing data from REIM Advisory and the outcomes of our proprietary Brand and Positioning sessions, we compose a structured, custom strategy aligned with the brand identity, location and buyer demographics.


Our finely-tuned  team is exclusive to REIM, promising dedication and integrity to our clients. Each  professional engages in a thorough training program unique to REIM and the project’s goals. Depth of experience is broadened with continuous education and management so our team may confidently uncover sales opportunities.


We curate the optimal team for your specific project, and keep the team focused, motivated, and energized throughout the project’s sale cycle to maximize results. We foster relationships with prospects and realtors, providing profound knowledge and attentive professionalism. Inventory management, strategy adjustments, correspondence, and administration are conducted competently to emphasize solutions and eradicate challenges.

Introducing The REIM Sales Force

Our strategic sales system will drive your project towards the results you aim for. From Sales Strategy to Sales Management, our professional team is here to inform the progression. We are happy to enlighten you with more details of each element of our Sale’s Force’s process and how it connects with the development life cycle.