Why One Industry Vet Says Now Is the ‘Golden Age’ of Multifamily Investment

By Holly Johnson Amaya

There’s never been a better time to deploy capital into the multifamily asset class, according to one industry veteran, who says now is the “golden age” of multifamily investment. 

 “We are truly in an incredible time,” says Louis Rogers, founder and chief executive of Capital Square. “It’s easy to raise money for DSTs, REITs, LLCs and Opportunity Zone funds.  We’re all investing in multifamily because quite simply, multifamily performs.” 

Rogers oversees the Capital Square’s Delaware statutory trust programs for investors seeking qualifying replacement property for Section 1031 tax-deferred exchanges and regular (non-exchange) investors. A nationally recognized authority in structuring securities offerings for real estate investments, Rogers will offer his insights on how to raise capital for multifamily investments in a special session on Tuesday, October 25 at GlobeSt’s Multifamily conference in Los Angeles.

“Multifamily performance has been off the charts during the pandemic,” Rogers tells GlobeSt.com, noting that Capital Square has seen rent collections hovering between 99% and 100% each month from 2020 to the present. “Performance has been better than ever and better than pro forma.”

That’s particularly been true for markets across the Southeast and the Sun Belt, which have benefited from pandemic-era migration patterns away from gateway cities and companies like Tesla and Amazon laying down HQ stakes in the region, he says.

“So much has happened to make housing popular in the Southeast and Texas, and then you add to that a housing shortage of 4 million units,” he says. “And the result is that it’s really the golden age to raise money for multifamily investment because this asset class performs phenomenally well – in spite of a global pandemic bringing life to a complete standstill and adversely impacting other asset classes.”

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